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Why Evers Hosting?

Our Focus

Our focus is on carefree services for you and your business. We've been hosting websites for individuals and (large) businesses since 2012 and understand that your online presence is your reputation and your lifelyhood.

Our main service is creating websites and the ability to host it ourselves is a huge advantage. This is why we don't focus on hosting 1000s of accounts (on one machine) for the lowest price on the net but offer tailored services for demanding clients who can't afford to have a slow website at any time of the day.

Your Reputation

As professional developers we have intimate knowledge of the whole chain, from (browser) request to server response and everything in between.

Any issues that may arise from your website CMS (Content Management System) such as WordPress, OpenCart, Laravel or any PHP based CMS will be swiftly identified and you'll be handed the solution to resolve it quickly.


We don't just rely on hosting management packages like cPanel, Plesk, DirectAdmin but have created a super secure environment that's easy to manage. All accounts run inside a jailed container that are backed up daily.

A compromised account/website will never be able to affect others. And daily backups ensure you can easily roll back while we identify the cause to prevent future breaches. We monitor each account for out of the ordinary traffic.


We are the sole owner of the servers (dedicated) running your websites. All account resources are guaranteed. There is no overselling of diskspace nor CPU throttling.

Depending on your location, the TTFB is typically <100ms outside Europe and <50ms inside the EU.

Network 120Gb/s, Hardware DDOS protected.

Data Center locations: The Netherlands, Germany, United States (NY).

Why Not?

We currently do not offer so-called 1-click installs, but will assist you with any installation.

We currently do not offer VPS or dedicated platforms, but we do offer server management services.

We maintain the right to deny websites and clients publishing content in violation of our Acceptable Use Policy.

Hosting Plans for individuals and businesses

All accounts are managed for you. Hardware DDOS protected, running the latest LTS versions of all software (PHP, SQL, Apache). Support for Laravel (with composer), WordPress and other popular applications.


Domains 10
Sub Domains unlimited
Disk Space 25GB guaranteed
Bandwidth 1TB/month
Email Accounts unlimited
Secure FTP Accounts unlimited
Shell Access none
Backups Daily, History 1 Day
SLA Agreement 24 Hours, Email


Domains 100
Sub Domains unlimited
Disk Space 100GB guaranteed
Bandwidth 1TB/month
Email Accounts unlimited
Secure FTP Accounts unlimited
Shell Access limited commands
Backups Daily, History 7 Days
SLA Agreement 12 Hours, Email


Domains 1,000
Sub Domains unlimited
Disk Space 500GB guaranteed
Bandwidth unlimited
Email Accounts unlimited
FTP Accounts unlimited
Shell Access all commands, no sudo
Backups Daily, History 7 Days + 3 Monthly
SLA Agreement 6 Hours, Email & Phone

Hosting Add-Ons

Extra Disk Space

$0.79 - 1 GigaByte/year

Remote Database


CLI Tools
Composer, NodeJS, Git, ...

Free, on request


Alternative solution to build your website created by Evers Services' in-house development team.


CMS Info
Cloud Storage App

Online interface to manage your (very large) files online with ability to share. e.g. Videos or any other documents and media.


Cloud Storage Info
Site Transfer

Transfer from your current hosting to us.



We care. We guarantee a response within your SLA Agreement but typically reply within the hour, business or individual.

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